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Do you need a consulting partner to help your firm with a transformation in the front office? We can help. We understand the increasingly complex, high-volume and fast-moving trading environment. We can help you streamline trading with a single solution or meet the varying demands of complex instruments and markets.
Portfolio Management
Do you need a consulting partner to help transform your firm's portfolio management systems? We can help. Sidex specializes in investment operations, systems architecture and data management consulting to sell-side and buy-side companies.
Risk and Performance Management
Do you need a consulting partner to help your firm with portfolio risk and performance management? We can help. Sidex can review the current state technology, production, staffing and capacity for adjustment and design of a transition road map to implement both tactical and strategic tracks.
Market Data
Do you need a consultant with the specialized expertise in market data? We can help. Sidex understands low latency streaming feeds that provide consistent and timely delivery of consolidated global market data to major financial markets or web services for integration into brokerage operations and desktop or mobile applications.