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Sidex llc is registerred.
Bulgarian Commercial Register
No: 121687278

Office Address:
2 Sinchets Street,
Ground Floor
Lozenets, Sofia 1164

Contact Phone
No: +359988362143
At Sidex, we are committed to producing and delivering the best investment management solutions in Bulgaria. Through building partnerships with
industry-leading vendors, Sidex provides full solutions to satisfy our clients' investment processing needs, covering trading management, investment compliance, risk measurement, market data and management.
Ultimately, we're all in the relationship business. Sidex can be a cost-effective/low-hassle way of boosting your sales, particularly in Bulgaria and if you don’t have any experience of operating here. When reviewing potential partners, Sidex looks for firms that offer complementary services, and share Sidex’s commitment to quality products and services. We’ve done this before – many times – and we can help you.

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