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Implementation Training
We have a standard set of training modules available. If required the training can be fully tailored to your specific needs. All our trainers are Sidex specialists with an extensive background and tons of experience. Training can either be provided in-house or at one of the Sidex offices. Users will receive an official Sidex training certificate once they have successfully completed a course.

Third Party Products Training
Getting a grip on any software solution or application can be a time consuming endeavor. That is why we have created the official Sidex certification program. It is the fastest way to become a successful with our third party products and services and gives you all you need to hit the ground running with us.

The cost is easily offset by the time you’ll save - avoid going down the wrong path or spending time searching for a solution to your specific need. The courses enable you to use our services and expertise the way it was intended, saving valuable time by avoiding time consuming mistakes and pitfalls from the get-go.
Solutions Training