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Sidex llc is registerred.
Bulgarian Commercial Register
No: 121687278

Office Address:
2 Sinchets Street,
Ground Floor
Lozenets, Sofia 1164

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No: +359988362143
Perhaps the most important relationship a solution provider has is with its distribution partners. The right distribution partner not only will deliver the right products at the right price, but also be able to offer other critical services to help accelerate business. In other words, partner that offers services that you donít, thus creating new partnership opportunities, being an avenue for you. Here are your advantages if using Sidex as a sales representative for Bulgaria:
  • Provides predictable sales costs
  • Lowers sales costs
  • Reduces administrative overhead
  • Eliminates cost of training and turnover in sales personnel
  • Gives immediate access to the local market
  • Provides a highly experienced, more aggressive sales force
  • Provides a broader sales context for your product or service
  • Adds marketing flexibility at less cost
  • Increases your sales
Sidex provides training and education for your products, marketing and pre- and post-sales support. It has been estimated that the agent sells approximately 70% more than the average company salesman - due in part, no doubt, to his independent status and a greater need to succeed. If you are interested in establishing sales representative relationships with Sidex, please email us.

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